Publications on Measurement Invariance

Papers & Chapters

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Conference Presentations:

Verhagen A. J. & Fox, J.-P. (July 26, 2013). Bayes Factor tests for measurement invariance. Paper presented at the IMPS conference, Arnhem, The Netherlands.

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Verhagen A.J. (November 11, 2010). Country-specific Measurement of Attitude towards Immigration Without Using Anchor Items. Paper presented at the ESS workshop, Den Haag, Nederland.

Verhagen A.J. (July 7, 2010). Large Cross-national Survey Analysis: Bayesian Testing for Measurement Invariance. Presentation at the IMPS conference, Athens, Georgia, USA.

Verhagen, A.J. (December 10, 2009). Testing cross-national invariance; a random effects approach. Poster presentation at the CONBRATRI conference, Florianopolis, Brazil.