I am passionate about combining science and technology to improve education, leadership development and the promotion of women’s careers in STEM.

As director of psychometrics at KWWCphoto2bluridaptive, I am using (Bayesian) statistical models and data science to develop an adaptive learner platform with the aim to make digital educational content more informative and adaptive.

It is very exciting to live in the Bay area and follow all the fascinating developments in data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning. As the field of learning analytics is still young I am actively involved in building a Bay area learning analytics network for researchers and professionals to share their knowledge.

As a director of Women Who Code Silicon Valley, my goal is to create a supportive environment for women to improve their technical skills and to work on leadership development. My years in  Toastmasters International helped me build speaking and leadership skills that help me both in my work at Kidaptive, as well as in my volunteer roles.

I previously worked at the University of Amsterdam with Eric-Jan Wagenmakers on Bayesian model selection for ANOVA models and I graduated at the University of Twente with Jean Paul Fox on Bayesian IRT models for measurement variance.

I still have research interests in the field of learning analytics and Bayesian modeling, let me know if you are interested in a collaboration, or if you have a student who is!

For the most recent overview of my publications, please refer to Google Scholar or

A J Verhagen

I am also present on LinkedIn and Github , and you can reach me at gmail as josineverhagen

Enjoy looking around!